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Creating Smart Ingredient

In order to create your recipe, you will need to populate your account with ingredients. Once you log into Bisync, go to the Ingredient drop down menu and select Smart Ingredient.

In the Smart Ingredient , to add your first ingredient, click to get started.

In the Add Smart Ingredient page, key in the name of your ingredient, it does not need to be a specific brand name as supplied by your vendors. The name in Smart Ingredient is the recipe ingredient name that is used for your recipe.



If you do not have a product ID for your ingredient, Bisync will generate one for you.

Category and Group is mandatory.

You will also need to input your Unit of Measure (UOM). This is to allow you to key in the right measurement base on your inventory vs your recipe.

Recipe Unit = How you use the ingredient in your recipe.

Inventory Unit = How you calculate when you do your stock checks.

Example: 1 Packet = 1000 GR.

So each time I do my inventory count, when I enter the inventory quantity in packet, the system will automatically calculate for me the amount I have in grams (recipe).

For ingredients that also have loose packing, you can toggle the Loose Count to to activate it.

See Loose Count to learn how to set up the loose count,

This is useful for beverage such as alcohol and herbs/spices.

Example of Loose Count use in inventory:

You have 10 packets of Sugar in inventory

You also have 200 GR in the kitchen which you need to add into the inventory count.

The 200 GR can also be included in the Inventory Count. See Inventory to learn how you key in this data.

If you have not  engaged any suppliers yet, click

You can revisit the Ingredient using the function Edit once you have engaged a vendor.

At the vendor tagging, select the company you are using to buy from the vendor. At the vendor drop down, select the vendor follow by the Product that is associated to the ingredient. Click

Use the Search bar to help you find your vendor or product faster. By typing in a vendor’s name, all the items sold by the vendor to your company will be displayed. If you search by product name, all the suppliers selling the same product to you will be displayed.

Key in the recipe quantity and yield %. The recipe price will automatically be calculated.

Example above:

Boneless Chicken Thighs from supplier = 1 KG (1000 GR) at RM12.00

Recipe Qty = 1000 GR (Recipe price is RM 0.0120 for every GR)

Yield % = 10% loss (after trimming off the usable portions)

Recipe price for the Boneless Chicken Thighs = RM 0.0133 for every GR)

Before you can save, click on the Outlet icon to activate the ingredient for your outlet.

After you select the outlet(s), remember to click Save Outlet Savings. Now, you can click to add the ingredient into the system.

Repeat the process for all the ingredients you are using. For company with a large ingredient list, see Onboarding process for an easier upload.