Process innovation enabling efficient operation

A complete hospitality eco-system to manage procurement, inventory, cost management, analytic reports and more...

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Get the whole picture

Chaotic processes simplified

Bisync enhances fast communication and provide transparent data for your team members so they know each task's status in the system.

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Always Accessible

Stay connected, even when you're on the go

With our mobile app, you can do your procurement, approve requests and manage your inventory on the go.

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All features we have

Birds eye view of your business

  • Purchasing

    Full control of your purchasing processes with systematic flow to prevent mistakes.

  • Inventory Management

    Automated stock information based on sales, recipes, wastages, transfers etc.

  • Reports at your fingertip

    Bird's eye view of your outlet(s) performance.

  • Cost Control

    On-demand stock movement, stock utilization factor and purchase trend.

  • Recipe Management

    Accurate menu and cost engineering from real data.

  • Vendor Engagement

    Centralised vendor marketplace and personalised vendor listing for better inventory control.

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