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Using Petty Cash feature

Petty Cash function is to allow you to keep track of all ad-hoc purchases and update your inventory with the right quantity. Petty Cash can be accessed via the Operations drop-down menu.

Select to input a new entry.

Select Outlet the purchase is for.

Type in Vendor name or select from drop-down if it is a recurring vendor. Select date of purchase and key in Receipt number.

Select item purchased from the drop-down selection.

Key in Purchase Price as listed in Receipt.

Once completed, click .

All items listed in the purchase will be added into the Inventory list. To view the receipts, click .

Important Note: You can only find ingredients that you have previously created in Smart Ingredient in this Petty Cash feature. If you have never created an Ingredient with Bisync before for the item you purchased, you will need to first create the Smart Ingredient and tag a vendor’s product to the ingredient. Go here to learn how to create Smart Ingredient.