5 Tips to prepare your restaurant for the holidays

Countries in the Asian region are known to have the most holiday around the world. It’s also a time when people head to out to eat and soak in the festivities. Especially now when the economy has picked up again, more and more people prefer to celebrate by eating at their favorite restaurants for the […]

Organize Inventory for Small Businesses in 7 Steps

Inventory management is the process of having the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time to sell to customers. Accurately managing inventory can increase revenue by preventing stockouts, excess inventory, and unsold products. When learning how to organize inventory for small businesses, the easiest solution is to use a software program to […]

10 things F&B users love about Bisync

Many businesses, especially in the F&B field, have grown rapidly and started to digitize their operations. This shows how aware F&B companies are of the technology they have to keep up with. To start transforming their operations to digital, a tool or software is needed, whether they build it themselves, or use a tool that […]

Benefits & Techniques to Inventory Management

What Is Inventory Management? Inventory management helps companies identify which and how much stock to order at what time. It tracks inventory from purchase to the sale of goods. The practice identifies and responds to trends to ensure there’s always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and proper warning of a shortage. Once sold, inventory […]

The Purchasing Power & Marketing Opportunity of Gen Z

While the general media likes to fawn and crucify Millennial for everything they’re buying and not buying, it’s about time that restaurant operators start to keep an eye on the next wave of guests with growing income — Gen Z. Gen Z refers to the generation that was born between 1996-2010 and will be the […]

Supply chain headaches and how to cure them

The issues we’re facing today A year on after we start to live with COVID-19, we still face a combination of problems due to lack of resource and recovering economies around the world, and the result in increased demand.   Lots of supply chains, particularly in the food and retail sector, operate on what is known as ‘just in time’, whereby […]

Job Vacancy: Software Engineer

This position’s primary focus will be the development of our F&B and Hospitality SaaS solutions.  As the software engineer, you will join a small but growing high performing team of individuals working with cutting edge technologies within the Microsoft development ecosystem. Responsibilities: Design and implement software for front-end and back-end systems from requirements to production […]

How to Make Your Menu a Money-Maker

Your restaurant’s menu is not just a list of food, it is also your best marketing tool. The very thing that introduce customers to your brand and getting them excited for your unique taste. The average customer spends 109 seconds studying your menu. That’s almost two minutes going over each description and detail, so how […]

4 Steps to de-risk F&B Procurement

The role of of procurement is about ensuring business oeprations running smoothly and involves understanding the current environment as well as potential future enviroments.  Covid-19 demonstrated how market changes without any notice and the importance of reducing risk especially for the Food and Beverage industry. All business currently operate under the pressure of market volatility, […]

Why the need for Inventory Management?

How many of you faces these obstacles when it comes to managing your inventory? Lack of awareness on your inventory Not able to control how much is used and how much is wasted An increase in competition Lack of insights Lack of visibility Now, what if there’s a solution in the market right now that […]