The importance of a good Purchasing Management System

All retail and F&B businesses can operate like clockwork because of a very important task, making sure the inventory is properly stocked at the outlet with suppliers delivering all the orders on time. This makes the role of a procurement officer even more critical as any potential disruption to the inventory means a disruption to the flow of service to the customer.

With the recent pandemic, a lot of businesses moving forward are facing more uncertainties, as rules changes ever so often and the marketing team juggling various means and ways to bring the customer back to your outlets. This at the end of the day, do place extra burden on the procurement.

And a good purchasing management system can help to ease that burden by automating a lot of the steps. Giving the procurement officer more focus on the more critical part of his/her job.

With the availability of technologies such as Bisync, the task of accurately forecast demands, stock availability, cost and ordering can now be done with a few clicks of the mouse or a few touch of the buttons on the mobile app.

Planning for uncertainty

Today, the rigorous process of gathering information is being replaced with a data-driven approach. This enables real-time decision-making with businesses building AI-driven integrated data ecosystems that are underpinned by predictive analytics and can then be applied in forward planning on both strategy and performance.

Bisync can help procurement de-risk as it provides a single integrated platform that shares all the information across all functions. This allows the businesses to optimise inventory and improves the quality of the decision making within the organisation.

As we welcome more vendors onboard the system, we are making the direct link between supply and demand, food and beverage distributors and operators can anticipate and better plan for uncertainty and ultimately improve the cash flow of the organisation. 

Embrace the potential of digitisation

With the pandemic, many now realise the true potential of digital transformation in the procurement process. Strategic sourcing now becomes more predictive and operator supplier relationship management become more proactive.

Solutions like Bisync now enable operators to insights they never thought of before with more focused data that can ultimately drive more imf

Digitalisation can assist strategic sourcing to become more predictive, transactional procurement more automated, and supplier relationship management more proactive. Digital procurement solutions are enabling the future by providing access to previously unavailable insights or bringing order to massive (but unstructured) data sets, ultimately driving more complex analysis and better supplier strategies, enabling more efficient operations.

Enable end-to-end supply chain visibility

With vendors and operators co-existing in a centralised ecosystem, procurement teams don’t have to look far if they need to look for alternative suppliers to fulfil their orders. Search for alternatives with a few clicks and vendors that uses Bisync can also response promptly to any request. Such visibility creates procurement accuracy and resilience. It also improves customer service, reduce costs and mitigate interruptions that can affect inventory levels for both the supplier and operator.

With our embedded AI capabilities, the system is able to provide real-time intelligence, actionable insights and recommendations that reduce disruptions, improving customer service in line with expectations.

Focus on a robust procurement model

The global crises are inevitable factor of life, the recent Covid-19 that hits the whole world is also a wake-up call for a lot of business owners. Planning for the unknown, implementing the right technology and building a robust business model can de-risk procurement and supply chain functions.

Fragility and risky decision is part and parcel of any businesses, and Bisync was developed to help decrease some of those risky decision. Why not make the best decision in your business. Give Bisync a go, talk to us and let us help you solve some of the procurement issues you currently faces. Our team is right here, ready to assist you.